p e n t i m e n t o


Anonymous asked: FL in the summer?

FL in the fall.

Anonymous asked: Coffee or Tea?????? 0_0


smilelittlelion asked: You know, I really reallllly love you but this teasing is killing me. Just give us all the Charleston Chews of this tour info already and don't hog them up. I know you love Charleston Chews but sharing is caring!

damn dude charleston chews are rad. you know what? fuck our announcement. i just wanna talk about those now.

Anonymous asked: Lets go on a date and get vegan pizza, it will be very eashily


Anonymous asked: When are you announcing your summer plans? are you guys head-lining?

Very very VERRRY soon. And it’s a co-headliner! 

Anonymous asked: How much will it take to get Jeramiah to play some Saves the Day acoustic jams after a show in the future?

I’d say a couple black bean burritos

Anonymous asked: you guys are so much more than a band to me and just thank you for doing what you're doing and im no good with words but even if i was i still don't think I'd be able to express how much I appreciate you guys

We really appreciate you too. Seriously. Thanks for saying all that. It means the world. Makes us feel like we’re doing something right.

Anonymous asked: They day you guys followed me on twitter I cried

Dry those tears baby girl/boy. Love you.

hottubwatermusic asked: gnarly! i messaged you on twitter did you ever send that book?

not sure we got the message dude - which book?